WCHS CEO and WHF Board Secretary David Edwards describes the Winnebago community in Holiday Greeting

I am the son of Paul Edwards and Beverly Altman. By all measures, my parents and grandparents were all very “average”. As far as I know, no member of my extended family is wealthy or famous. Of course, to me, they are much more than that. Talking and keeping in touch with family members is a priority to me, and I look forward to this time of year when we have the chance to visit in person. These personal attachments and commitments add profound feelings of connectedness to my life. It’s this invaluable sense of unity that makes my family, a family.  

While not all are family, those who work and serve at WCHS also feel a sense of connection to their colleagues and to those we serve. It is because we work here for reasons greater than just a paycheck. I often hear staff talk about serving a “relative”, and they really are! Whether a direct relative or not we feel a profound call to serve. This is one of the things that sets us apart as an indigenous healthcare organization. We feel it from the Tribal Council and Board, from those who come to us for help, and from each other. This does not make us flawless, any more than family members. It does feed our feelings of compassion, innovation, and cultural centeredness.  

From myself and all your “relatives” at WCHS, may you know and feel that you are much more than a patient, employee, board or council member, or community member; you are like family. As you celebrate and connect over the holidays with your family and friends from work and home, please accept this wish to each of you for a happy and healthy holiday season.

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