WHF Receives WV Donation

Winnebago, NE – The Winnebago Health Foundation is excited to share that they’ve received a

$7,554.34 donation from the WinnaVegas Casino Resort. This generous contribution is designated to further enrich the overall health resources available in the Winnebago community.

The funds for this donation were provided by WinnaVegas’s “Rounding Campaign”. The “Rounding Campaign” is an initiative that allows the casino’s visiting customers to round their winnings to the whole dollar and then donate their surplus change to area non-profits, like the Winnebago Health Foundation.

“We are grateful for our customers for their ongoing generosity to our rounding campaigns that make gifts like this possible,” said Tom Teesdale, WinnaVegas’s General Manager. “We are excited to support the Health Foundation and their mission of creating and sustaining health in the Winnebago Community.”

The Winnebago Health Foundation is the non-profit, charitable arm of the Winnebago Comprehensive Healthcare System. This donation is a testament to both WinnaVegas’ and their customers’ dedication to supporting initiatives that directly impact the well-being of tribal communities, like Winnebago.

“We appreciate WinnaVegas and their patrons for their commitment to the health and vitality of the Winnebago community,” said Danelle Smith, Foundation Board Chair. “This donation will play a pivotal role in ensuring that our community members have access to the healthcare and health resources that we deserve.

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